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Most of you that know me, know that I love to craft. If I can make it myself I will and love the challenge of doing it myself. When Hazel was born the first thing I had to make was a tutu. I found some rolls of tulle at a local party supply shop and a super easy do it yourself tutorial on the internet, and a few hours later I was done, thank you Pinterest! I tried it on her instantly and it was a tad bit big, okay way to big! So I packed it up on the closet, crammed into the smallest ball, as Murray has a tulle fetish and I found him gnawing away on it one day (don’t ask me about my bridesmaid dress that he ate 😦 ) I pulled it out this past week, while attempting to organize her closet (girl has got some shopping issues….okay maybe that’s me) and what fits her perfectly a good 9 months later? The tutu of course! It’s in need of a good steaming to get the wrinkles out but oh man is it cute. I think I might have to make one for her birthday, this time with an elastic waist and not a tie waist. For those of you that want to give it a try here is the link to the super easy tutu tutorial and a few shots of my little monkey in her pink tutu, including one from 9 months ago 🙂





Xo. Andria